60 Old school parenting photos that wouldn’t fly today

You can easily say that this generation is much different from the last. There are always older people telling us that we spoil our children today and that when they were little, they would get slapped for misbehaving or made fun of for being left-handed — and they would be fine with it. That attitude doesn’t fly as much today.

There are tons of vintage photos that show how growing up used to be back in the old days. These 60 photos prove that things are much different for parents and children today!

“Me Back In 1991 Just Your Typical Aussie Kid Drinking Xxxxlight Beer (I Wasn’t Aloud Heavies Back Then) And Holding A Baby Crocodile.” Just a toddler drinking beer — not cool!
“My Father And His Pet Lion Priscilla, California 1970’s.”
3. This kid is having a taste…
“13 Y/O Dad Having A Taste While The Grownups Are Busy Playing Cards; Upstate New York, August 1954.”
4. Casually smoking a cigar
“Me again, 1958, relaxing after my bath with Toby, I was never again this cool.”
5. Bud baby
“My mom showing off her parenting skills, 1978.”
6. Sparklers? Sure!
“My dad showing off his parenting skills, 1985.”
7. Never too early for a cigarette
“A Photo Of Me Dressed Up As My Dad, With My Dad (1982).”
8. A light read
“My Hilarious Father (With The Magazine) And My Grandfather, Grandmother, And Uncle At His Bar Mitzvah In 1972.”
9. Very unsafe driving conditions
“Car Seat Safety In 1958. Not Strapped In To Anything, These Seats Relied On The Mother To Put Her Arm Out And Stop The Baby From Falling Forward.”
10. Those don’t look like fish
“The Pinnacle Of Parenting: 1930s Swimming Lesson.”

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