Cop and wife become family of 7 overnight after taking in five siblings who lost their parents

This was so much more than an “act of kindness.”

Imagine going to work one day and seeing something so tragic and heartbreaking that you can’t forget it.

Now imagine you’re a cop who sees things like that every day.

What would you do if one of the situations you found yourself dealing with, you could not get out of your mind no matter how hard you tried?

That was the case for officer Nicholas Quintana of the North Las Vegas Police Department when he met a group of children who’s lives would never be the same.

Officer Quintana was called to a report of shots fired when he met the children who would end up changing his life forever.

The 5 kids, aged 6 to 17, had all been home when a fight broke out between their mother and father and things got out of control.

Their mother had shot and killed their father.

Officer Quintana knew that these kids lives had been unequivocally altered that day and, without proper guidance and support, they could all be headed down a bad road.

The kids would all be placed into the foster care system in the city and would undoubtedly be separated.

Nick didn’t want to let that happen to these kids, something inside of him was telling him he needed to help them.

At the end of his shift for that day, Nick went home to his wife Amanda and asked her if she would support him in taking in the children.

After lots of discussion and thought between the couple, Amanda finally agreed to meeting the children.

She fell in love with all 5 kids and the very next day they were home together, 5 children in a house where there had been none before.

Nick had also been struck by tragedy as a child and he lost his father to familial violence, so he had some idea of what the kids were going through and knew he wanted to try and keep them all together.

When it came time to tell the children what was happening, they didn’t seem to believe it at first.

“I’d like to take every single one of you.” he said to them, “I’d like to take you in our home.”

The oldest of children, a 17-year-old, voiced her doubt, not believe that someone would want to take in 5 children that they had never met before.

Nick reiterated that he wanted to take every single one of the children home and, hopefully, help them to grow and succeed in life.

Nick and Amanda are now taking ‘Fostering Classes’ in order to learn everything they will need to know moving forward with the process.

When asked how being thrust into the roll of having to care for 5 children had affected him, Officer Quintana said, “I think about every single last one of them from the oldest to the youngest. Now, I’m not just thinking about these decisions with my wife in mind, I’m thinking about it for my wife and our kiddos now.”

Nick and Amanda have a long road ahead of them, raising 5 children who have experienced great trauma, but with love and understanding, they will surely do a fantastic job with these kids.

Meet the hero cop and his new family in the clip below.

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