Elderly parents are brought into son’s basement and see it’s their new home

Schon and his wife transformed their basement into a beautiful ‘granny pad’ for the 87-year-old couple. Understandably, the mom can’t hold back her tears.

The circle of life is a beautiful thing. Our parents take care of us as we grow up – then years down the road we help take care of them. One day, we’ll also be in the same boat, needing the same love and care we provided our children.

When one man named Schon Miller realized that his elderly parents were struggling – he decided to step in.

Bonnie and George were both 87-years-old and needed some help in their daily lives.

Unfortunately, all the senior living options out there left something to be desired and the thought of putting his parents in one just made him sick. Because of this, Schon and his wife Jeanie decided on a different option.

The couple began searching for a new house with an attached in-law suite.

However, when they were unable to find one that was suitable available on the market, they had to move onto plan two — refurbishing their basement rec room. It was definitely a lot of work, but in the end, it was all worth it.

A gift the couple will never forget

The heartwarming moment when Bonnie and George first get to see their new home was all caught on camera by Jeanie and later posted on YouTube on the Cater’s Clips channel.

The video is packed with so much emotion and something you just have to check out.

Schon said:

“We had been talking about it with mum for a while because we knew they were leaning on each other with one good body and one good mind.”

As is expected with age, both body and mind start to give. Bonnie had to use a wheelchair and George was no longer as sharp as he was when younger.

Although the two were still able to live independently by working as a team, it was obviously preferable to Schon and Jeanie that their parents were located close by, just in case.

Building the elderly couple’s basement residence wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

Not only did they have to blow a hole in their basement wall, but they also had to get rid of their pool table, karaoke machine, and just about everything else.

After many days of working tirelessly though, the new basement “granny pad” was finally completed.

Now the only thing left to do was to move Schon’s parents in.

In the video, Schon can be seen wheeling his mom in through the front door with dad following close behind. As soon as the elderly pair enters, they are instantly blown away.

Bonnie breaks down in tears and it is such a sweet moment.

“It is so pretty. Look at everything!” Bonnie says. “Yes, indeed,” responds George.

Schon and Jeanie thought of every last detail and put so much love into the new apartment.

Not only did they install a complete kitchen with all the necessary appliances, but they also customized the bathroom perfect for the 87-year-olds. They made the toilet higher so it was easier to get on and off, and even installed handicap bars in the shower.

The beautiful basement apartment is a mix of cozy and functional.

While the residence is very cozy in size, it is also extremely functional. In addition, Schon and Jeanie will always be right upstairs to help should something ever come up.

No one wants to reach the point where they can’t live independently anymore. However, it’s a part of life for most people. What would make it easier is to have kindhearted loved ones like Schon and Jeanie, who are willing to help with the transition.

Watch the video below to see Bonnie and George tour their new home. What a lucky set of parents they are!

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