Foster mom takes in baby that was abandoned clueless she’s her adopted son’s sister

When Katie Page agreed to foster the baby girl, she was unaware she’d actually be connecting her adopted son with his biological sister.

Self-proclaimed “Southern girl turned Colorado mountain lover” Katie Page now has a family as big as her heart. And the single former foster mom has quite a story to tell.

She’s been doing that on a blog and Instagram page, the latter of which has racked up nearly 100,000 followers on her journey.

A new life

Page’s new life in Colorado started after the end of her marriage.

During those years she had struggled with fertility – and was still interested in starting a family after her divorce. So she looked into adoption after moving across the country.

It was an e-mail from her pastor that would change her life forever. In it, he asked if she might consider becoming a certified foster parent. And she was – it was certainly one potential route towards adoption.

The four children she fostered only made her feel more sure that she was ready to adopt.
That fateful day

In 2016, a caseworker called Page. This is usually how fostering starts – you get a call out of the blue asking to take in a child in need. Only this time it was a newborn.

The baby was just 4 days old – he was surrendered to a local hospital and hadn’t even been given a name yet. She agreed to foster him immediately.

Page named the baby “Grayson,” and since his parents never identified themselves, their legal rights were terminated by the court 11 months later, making him a candidate for adoption.

Page’s wish had come true!

A new family

She had chronicled her life and duties as a guardian on social media, always putting a little heart over the faces of the children in her photos (for safety reasons, foster parents cannot post photos online). So she was thrilled to finally reveal her baby boy to the world.

A growing family

Page knew there were other children out there in need and she looked forward to the day when she could adopt a sibling for Greyson. But the plan was to take some time before jumping back into growing a family.

But you know what they say about what happens when you make plans…

Just a few weeks after Grayson’s adoption was finalized, Page got a call from another caseworker telling her that another baby was just surrendered to the same hospital where Grayson was born.

An afternoon of phone calls to discuss the possibility of taking in the second newborn only confirmed what she knew – she was going to say yes.

Greyson now had a sister named Hannah.

The mystery of two surrendered babies

Page made an interesting discovery at the hospital when she arrived to pick up Hannah. While she wasn’t permitted to know anything about the birth mother, the woman’s first name was on the baby’s ID bracelet.

It was the same name that had been on Grayson’s. Coincidence?

As they grew, they looked nothing alike, but she was intent on finding out if Grayson and Hannah could possibly be siblings with different fathers. If nothing else, the children should at least know that.

A shocking discovery

Page decided to see if she could track down the birth mother. And after she was successful, the woman confirmed that she had given birth to two babies at the same hospital at those times.

DNA tests confirmed they were half-siblings.

Without even knowing it, she had reunited part of a family under her care! And, presumably, the birth mother made the court process run smoother when Page wanted to formally adopt Hannah.

“It is a MIRACLE that my two babies found each other,” Page wrote in an Instagram post.

But that’s still not the end of this family’s story. A third child came along who was also related to Grayson and Hannah. And there was no judgment – after all, she was a woman of God – only acceptance.

In the same Instagram post announcing her children were siblings, she shared the latest big news:

“Grayson and Hannah’s bio-mommy just had another baby boy whom we welcomed into our home today! They called me around 1pm and I was at the hospital at 4pm to take him home.”

Jackson joined the family in August of 2018.

A family of 3+

With 3 kids under age 3, things haven’t always been easy, but Katie Page wouldn’t have it any other way.

The family is just like any other, with victories and challenges all along the journey. And it’s pretty incredible that these siblings all ended up under one roof thanks to a woman with a big heart.

And in case you were wondering – Page isn’t done fostering yet. In fact, she’s been taking in older children as well.

What a family! Be sure to follow them all on Instagram.

And scroll down below to see an interview with the supermom herself.

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