Missing cat returns home, alerting owners she’s returned by ringing doorbell cam to leave message

The homeowners were terrified when they got the ring camera alert in the middle of the night until they saw a familiar face looking at them.

The internet has fallen in love with a Long Island kitty who cleverly announced her arrival by activating a Ring doorbell camera.

“She knows what she’s doing,” said her human, Stefanie Whitley.

I mean, she is a cat.

8-year-old Lily has always been an indoor/outdoor cat, who “owned the block” in their old neighborhood.

But, then things changed after the family moved to a new location in Mastic Beach, Long Island. Stephanie was worried that her kitty might get disoriented and lost since everything was still so brand new.

“I was really nervous about bringing her to a new area, how she would react,” Stefanie told KTLA.

When the short-haired moggy took off exploring and didn’t come home right away, Stefanie grew even more concerned about her safety.

“Normally she comes home, but this time felt different, and I didn’t think that Lily was coming home,” she added.

From Lily’s perspective, however, things were all rainbows and unicorns. She had run off to do her own thing for a little while, as outdoor cats often do.

But, four days later when she came back to her house, there was no time to waste, no pleasantries to give.

There was something chasing her that added to the urgency of what she did next.

The impatient kitty pressed the magic noise-making button to let all the humans know that someone needed to come to the door right now!

When it didn’t swing open right away, Lily started meowing to let her humans know that the princess of paw-some was back in town.

The combination of the ringing doorbell and her sweet cries for help worked just as she intended.

It woke up the family from their deep slumber and even gave them a bit of a shock. Mission accomplished!

Stefanie was scared witless when her Ring app alerted her that someone was creeping outside the house in the middle of the night.

When the doorbell rang, it startled everyone. Who could be at the door at such an ungodly late hour?

But, then she started laughing with relief when the TV screen showed her missing moggy pawing at the doorbell, trying to buzz herself into the house.

Stefanie can be heard screaming “Oh my God!” as she reunites with her precious furbaby.

“We all gasped. We were laughing. We were emotional. We were crying. It was a great moment.”

Stefanie believes that Lily absolutely knew what she was doing when she rang the doorbell for some concierge service.

“I don’t know how she found us, but she definitely knows what the Ring camera is,” Stefanie said. “Every time the notification goes off, she’ll look toward the door. She knows what she’s doing.”

That’s how the takeover for world domination starts. Once all the cats teach each other how to press our buttons, they’ll work their way up to the DoorDash app so they can have some fresh tuna and steaks delivered right to their doorstep.

Watch the video below to see this sweet little kitty politely ring the doorbell for her human butler.

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