Mom texts deployed husband that their twins have been born but he’s standing right behind her

The twins weren’t the only ones who came early. 🥰

Most likely, home is what deployed military members miss the most. They can feel safe and comfortable there, which they cannot do when on deployment.

Parents who miss out on all those firsts may find this particularly difficult.

For all the fathers out there, they aren’t present for the newborn’s first steps, first word, and the actual birth of their precious child.

The job is not easy.

One such dad in the military was Skyler Cooper. He spent seven months in Kuwait on deployment with the Kansas Army National Guard.

Their children Leighton and Corbett, as well as his wife Cydney, were left behind.

Cydney was expecting twins at the time Skyler departed. Only 33 weeks had passed when she contracted the flu.

Their twins Emma and Kyla were born prematurely because of this and the twins were confined in the NICU.

It was a difficult time.

The entire ordeal was really stressful.

Cydney was, in her own words, “hanging on by a string,” as she had two sons at home and twins in the NICU.

She told Good Morning America that she missed her hubby more than ever.

One day, a worn-out Cydney was visiting her newborn daughters in the hospital. Skyler texted her to see how the twins were doing.

And then, the biggest surprise happened.

He entered the hospital room at that same moment carrying balloons with the American flag. Cydney found it hard to believe. She started crying and bawling.

She expressed her surprise and relief on Good Morning America.

It must’ve been the biggest gift she has received after going through all those hardships alone. Now, her best friend is home to help her recover from everything.

Their boys were surprised too.

He and Cydney could prolong the surprise a little longer now that Skyler had returned.

Daddy’s home

When they learned that their father had returned home, their two boys were more than ecstatic.

Cydney wrote a Facebook post about the heartwarming reunion. She revealed what happened during their “1 year of crazy” while her husband was deployed.

According to Cydney, it involved “1000s of miles, 1 solo pregnancy and delivery, 48392 Skype calls, some superheroes, a few plane rides, 12 NICU days, tons of help from family and friends, and many tears.” After all that, her soldier was at last back home, she wrote.

And the video went viral.

It has garnered a lot of love and attention from all over the world.

One commenter wrote, “Thank you for your service to the husband and thank you for your sacrifice, dear wife and family! What a trooper you are!! God bless you!!”

“Congratulations! I love seeing such happy homecomings for our countries’ heroes and their families. Thank you for your service! I wish y’all much love and happiness! You have a beautiful family,” another one posted.

Indeed the work deployed militaries do is not easy, but the wife holding everything down at home deserves an award too.

See the beautiful moment Cydney found out her soldier was home in the video below!

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