Teen helps raise her 5 siblings after mom passed away and receives generous surprise from Secret Santa

The 14-year-old stepped up big time to help her dad after her mom passed away. The emotional surprise she receives is so touching.

An eighth-grader named Emily has had a tough time the past few years. Her grandmother and mother both passed away of cancer a few years ago. Her mom died from pancreatic cancer just a little over a week before her birthday.

Emily is the eldest at 14, meaning she has to help her father care for her five siblings.

It’s been tough but the young teenager did her best. She didn’t know that there was someone out there who really appreciated her efforts. Emily’s friend wrote East Idaho’s “Secret Santa” telling them about Emily and why she deserves a gift.

An anonymous benefactor dubbed as “Secret Santa” has partnered with East Idaho News for seven years giving gifts to anyone deserving.

Nate Eaton leads the East Idaho News elves and together, they travel to different locations surprising people with gifts. Secret Santa gave away $1 million in presents this year, and Emily was one of the lucky recipients.

The team arrived bearing gifts for the family. Emily wasn’t home yet but her dad, surprised as he was, assured them that she was on the way.

Emily and her brother were walking home when Eaton and his team suddenly approached the teenager. Introductions were made then they told Emily they had gifts for her.

“We have presents for you, and you can share them with your siblings,” Eaton said.

Emily and her brother were visibly confused, not totally understanding what was going on.

So Eaton explained that someone, an anonymous person, wanted to give them presents.The first box she opened contained multiple gift cards all from different local restaurants.

“What? Oh my goodness! Thanks,” she exclaimed. The gift cards were worth a thousand dollars. Emily and her family could eat whenever and wherever they wanted with the amount.

Emily proceeded to the second box, which upon opening contained $2,000 worth of gift cards for all their personal needs. That’s more than enough to buy anything they needed for the house.“This is not a joke,” Eaton said. “You look like you kinda questioning what’s happening here.” The teenager replied with, “Yeah, yeah, I’m questioning.”

Emily loves to cook and dreams of becoming a chef someday so the next surprise really made her happy. Secret Santa gave Emily a $1,000 gift card from grocery stores with another $1,000 gift card for Bed, Bath, And Beyond.

She did almost go to Bed, Bath, And Beyond that day. It’s a good thing she came back home to receive her gifts. Emily’s got a reason to shop now.

“Merry Christmas, you guys,” Eaton says to the family to which the happy teenager thanked them in return.

“To whoever did this, thank you,” she continued as she looked at the camera.

It was a surprise to be sure, and Emily took awhile to warm up and accept the fact that this was all happening and it was very real. But she quickly relaxed and soon began to enjoy the moment. And Emily and her family deserved all of it!

Watch how Emily’s face lights up with her gifts below!

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