Tom Hanks Is in Awe of His 3 Grandkids & Looks after Them Closely — No One Took Care of Him as a Child

Tom Hanks is in awe of his grandkids. He babysits them, takes them to Disneyland, and does other “cool grandpa” stuff.

When his parents divorced, no one looked after him and his siblings.
Tom was forced to learn how to care for himself: how to cook and brush his teeth.
American cultural icon, Tom Hanks, is a doting grandfather to three grandkids whom he spoils rotten. Hanks enjoys spending time with his granddaughters and ensures that he provides them with experiences he never had as a kid.

Actor Tom Hanks’ parents, Amos Hanks and Janet Frager divorced when he was only five years old. Their household was split, as Tom and his three siblings, Jim, Sandra, and Larry Hanks, were separated. Two siblings lived with their mom, and the other with their dad.

The divorce heavily affected the kids as they constantly moved from one city to the next because they lacked a stable home. During an appearance on “In Depth Graham Bensinger,” Tom revealed that he quickly adapted to changing environments all the time.

Meanwhile, his older brother, Larry, was “shy” as he struggled to adjust to their new circumstances each time they relocated to another location


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The filmmaker expressed that, at times, he felt lonely because he and his older siblings practically raised themselves and had no adult supervision.
The children were often home alone and had to learn how to make their own food: “We were tasked to make our own lunches and dinners,” said Tom. He does not eat tomato soup to date because he once had a kitchen accident and tried to get everythng cleaned up before his father arrived home from work.

Amos worked long hours, leaving his children unattended while he was busy making a living. Tom revealed that he even had to teach himself how to keep his teeth clean:

“No one told me how to brush my teeth.”

Despite his parents’ absence, Tom divulged that he held nothing against them at the time, even now, because he could see they were trying their best to cope after their divorce.


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Frager and Amos failed to explain the undesirable situation to their son, and he believes it was because they could not find the right words to do it:

“They didn’t have the vocabulary. They were so racked with self-loathing and guilt and et cetera. They couldn’t do it.”
The California native is now a parent, too, with four children. He said that once he started having kids, things made much more sense when reflecting on his parents’ experience trying to raise him and his siblings.

Tom’s Childhood Experience Followed Him into Adulthood
Tom became a first-time dad at age 21 after marrying his first wife, actress Samantha Lewes. The couple wed in 1978 and soon welcomed their son, Colin, and later their daughter, Elizabeth.


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The “Pinocchio” star believed that he was on the right track as a young parent and later admitted that he may have married young because of his loneliness as a child.
Fatherhood made Tom grow up quicker, and the experience shielded him from becoming a trainwreck as a young Hollywood star. “Having a kid at 21 was the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” he said.
However, things drastically changed when he and Lewes divorced in 1987, and his entire world tumbled. Tom revealed his childhood past caught up with him yet again during that period as he was consumed by guilt, lost his appetite, and had many sleepless nights.


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He felt terrible about history repeating itself with his kids, whom he did not want to feel abandoned because things did not work out. When recounting the events that occurred during that time, Tom said it was emotionally taxing:

The “Cast Away” star felt like a failure as a parent because he put his own brood in the same unfortunate situation he endured as a child:

“I couldn’t be a worse father, and I couldn’t be a worse human being.”


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After their divorce, he married Wilson on April 30, 1988. Tom won the Golden Globe for Best Actor the following year at the 77th Golden Globe Awards

He gushed about his newly-wedded wife during his acceptance speech, saying she was extraordinary while thanking her for agreeing to marry him.

The lovebirds’ first child, Chet, arrived in 1990, followed by their second son Truman in 1995. Wilson and Tom consistently support each other’s careers and rave about one another.

In January 2020, the father of four was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award and expressed gratitude to his wife and kids. They continue to shower him with immense love amid his flourishing career.

Tom Is a “Cool” Grandfather to 3 Grandkids
Tom’s two older sons, Colin and Chet, are parents, too, making him a grandfather to three grandkids. Colin has two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte, while his younger brother Chet has only one, Michaiah.

When asked what it was like being a famous grandad, Tom revealed that he took one of his granddaughters to Disneyland once, and she had a mixed experience because of the noise on the Winnie the Pooh adventure ride. He joked that he forced her to go on the ride and that she would probably be “haunted” by it forever.

In February 2017, the father of four and his wife told Entertainment Tonight that they are the “cool grandparents,” with Tom emphasizing they are the coolest duo.

He shared that their grandchildren keep them on their toes all the time, adding there was no need to unwind with a book or to watch television because they are the entertainment.

Tom further joked that the grandkids, on the other hand, were not so enamored by him and Wilson. They only tolerate the couple and sometimes give them confused looks.

The pair’s son Chet divulged that they love being grandparents adding he also enjoys watching them embracing their roles as grandma and grandpa. The father of one said his mom and dad take care of his daughter and spend time with her.

Meanwhile, Colin also discussed his daughters’ relationship with their grandparents and revealed they do not care about their grandfather being famous.

They have regular playdates with him, and Tom does a good job providing the grandkids with things they should not be having and chooses to overlook what their parents ask of him.

The actor disclosed that his father and stepmother are typical grandparents who do not follow the kids’ bedtime schedules. Tom and Wilson spoil their grandchildren with many sugary foods. Still, the granddaughters dislike their cooking.

The proud grandad sometimes shares moments with his granddaughters on social media and once admitted he was in awe of them. The girls call him by the nickname “Pappau.”

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